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create your own Meditation story!

No matter what or who surrounds you – meditate! Every Meditating Cat NFT can be a talisman or a reminder for us to be calm and peaceful in any unknown situation.

Let the magic begin!

our team

NFT collection where everyone can get a piece of peace and creativity.

Just jane


Working for more than 5 years in toy industry, graphic artist Jane always enjoys games and fun. She works mostly in a line art style and prefer simple and clear ideas to reach the audience.



Developer and crypto enthusiast, Wimble created this project together with Jane, inspiring each other with multiple ideas from our everyday life as well as crypto market



Promotion of the project and roadmap vision. 



Smart contract developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

6000 randomly generated from original art. Handpicked. Triple-distilled.
Public sale has started on 21 Dec. 2021.
Price: 0,021 ETH
Yes, limited to 58 free mints for 1 Cat + GAS fee.
Follow us on twitter and join discord for details how to get whitelisted!
Our Meditation Cats bring positive mood and fun experience with catchy art ideas. Every Meditation Cat NFT can tell a story, as we have multiple and complex layers which create different situations where we can recognise ourselves.
Open our minting site. Click Connect button there and select desired wallet in Metamask. Click Mint button and confirm the transaction in Metamask! Your cat will come! Click this link to open the minting site!
The Meditating Cats collection is available on OpenSea.
Yes. Surely. We will provide the high quality image on request.

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To get whitelisted you need to and join us on discord and invite your friends! Only few whitelist spots are still available.